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Business Support

Best suitable for Small Business to Middle Business – Its based on package which includes almost all works

If you want to start business don’t have staff to do setup your server or maintenance those server, you are at the right place. we have designed simple plan for you where you get monthly basis support for your server. You don’t have to worry about for the technical works related to your RDP hosting / vps hosting business.

50% OFF for new customer


( 30 Days )

Server Setup for RDP

OS Re-installation

Network configuration

RDP Port adding

Firewall configuration

Audio Service enable

RDS Installation  

.NET Framework 

IIS ( Internet information Services )

Media Foundation

Desktop Experience

Basic applications installation

User management

Create RDP Account

Create RDP drive partition

Set permission to access and share


Server down

Password Reset

Login problem

Virus/Malware Removal

Application Issue


Analyse RAM, CPU, Network, Disk Uses

Server Scan against virus/malware

Even logs check

Basic apps update

Windows license and RDP license check

Monitor Server per day ( 1 Hour ).


( 30 Days )

Server Setup for VPS

OS Reinstallation

Network Configuration

Enable SSH

Add disks in VM

Add virtual network

Add necessary files in VM

Enable security feature

VPS Management

Create VPS ( customised as you request )

Reinstall OS on  VPS

Configure network in VPS

Enable RDS to connect VPS from outside.

Audio Service Start

IE Security setup

Disk management

Add/Remove CPU Core / RAM / Storage space


VPS down

Password Reset

Login problem

VPN Issue


Analyse VPS speed 

Check/update VM license

Analyse resources uses.

How to get our services

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Connect with us through Email or Skype or Ticket
  2. Choose your plan if you want both plan you can request both.
  3. We will ask server details to process works
  4. We will process your work once we received details.
  5. You will be notified once server setup  will be completed.
  6. We will ask to pay 50% amount.
  7. After payment we will provide you rest works user management, troubleshoot, Maintenance.
  8. More server, more discount for example if you give us one server It will cost you



What is Business Support ?

Business support is for those who owns 1 or more dedicated servers, and create rdp or vps to sell or distribute among friends. They need to setup server and keep the performance & security up. We assure to handle all things in a minimal cost.

Do you provide support to my client ?

No, We will not provide direct support to your client in this plan, you will have to open ticket or send email we will resolve issue within 24 hours. You can buy our HelpDesk Support plan if you want us to give support to your client directly.

What happens if I or my client experience issue ?

You will have to contact us through ticket, or email. The issue will be resolved within 24 hours.

How do you keep my server performance up ?

We will monitor your server on daily basis, and correct the issue if we find..